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History of India: And of the Frontier States of Afghanistan, Nepal and Burma

Author : J. Talboys Wheeler
Year of Publication : 2013
ISBN : 9788172682354
Language : English
Binding : Hard Bound
No of Pages : In 2 Volumes Set
Size : 23 cms
Categories : History, Geography, Political Science

Price : US$192.31


About the Book :

These 2 volumes of History of India have drawn the history from the earliest dawning of legend. It has reduced the whole history to a compact form which, it is hoped, will render it both interesting and useful to general readers, as well as to students in the religion and politics of our Indian empire. The series of maps will draw the attention of the reader for the illustrated and the successive changes in the history.


About Author :

James Talboys Wheeler (1824-1897), historian of India.In 1858 he came to India as editor of the Madras Spectator, but gave up the profession of journalism on being appointed professor of moral and mental philosophy in the Madras presidency college. In May 1860 he was employed by the Madras government to examine the old records; the results of his researches being a report, highly commended by the secretary of state, Sir Charles Wood, in a despatch dated 25 May 1861, and a History of Madras in the Olden Time. On 26 Feb. 1862 he was appointed assistant secretary to the government of India in the foreign department, and removed to Calcutta, where, among other duties, he had charge of the foreign and, later, of the home offices when the secretaries were at Simla. Among the printed but unpublished volumes which he compiled under orders of government were a memorandum on the Scinde ameers, summaries of political affairs from 1864 to 1869, of Afghan affairs in the eighteenth and nineteen centuries, and of Persian affairs, a valuable report on Afghan-Turkestan, and a memorandum on the Wahabis. His services were specially acknowledged by Lord Mayo in a minute dated 20 Feb. 1870. Early in that year he was transferred to Rangoon as secretary to the chief commissioner of British Burma. In that capacity in November 1870 he visited Mandalay and Bhamo, and had an interview with the king of Burma. Since his appointment to the foreign office his leisure had been devoted to the compilation of his excellent and sympathetic history of India, the first volume of which was published in 1867. Returning to India in 1876, he was employed to report on the records in the home and foreign departments at Calcutta; and, besides submitting reports on his investigations, compiled two volumes, which he was allowed to publish. He also prepared and published under the authority of government a History of the Imperial Assemblage at Delhi. In 1891 he retired from the service. He wrote, besides smaller text-books and articles in the Calcutta Review, Asiatic Quarterly, and other periodicals.

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