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Historical and Descriptive Account of British India: From the Most Remote Period to the Present Time

Author : Hugh Murray, James Wilson, William Rhind, R.K. Greville
Year of Publication : 2013
ISBN : 9788172682385
Language : English
Binding : Hard Bound
No of Pages : In 3 Volumes Set
Size : 23 cms
Categories : History, Multi Volumes

Price : US$346.15


About the Book :

These Three volumes on British India illustrated the then Zoology, Botany, Climate, Geology, and Mineralogy. The author has got the contributon for the then medical observations, the account of the Hindoo Astronomy, the Trigonometrical surveys and the navigation of The Indian Seas. The author had commenced the general account of the grand Natural Features of India, leaving to his scientific coadjutors the task of illustrating them in detail. He had exhibited the splendid series of discovery and triumph by which the Portuguese achieved the Maritime Passage to India, and established their sway over a great extent of its shores and also the the early Voyages and Settlements of the English. He had discovered the early trade with India, Mohammedan invasion, Revolutions of the Patan and Mogul Dynasties. The historical portion of the work concludes with a description of the Present State of British India. An account is given of the celebrated people by whom it is inhabited, whose mythology, literature, arts and social institutions, exhibit a marked dissimilarity to those of Europe, yet bear the impress of high civilization. These volumes would be useful for the Historians and the Researchers to compare the present India with its Past.

About Author :

Murray, Hugh (1779-1846), a geographer was elected a fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, to whose Transactions he contributed, on the Ancient Geography of Central and Eastern Asia, with Illustrations derived from Recent Discoveries in the North of India Murrays magnum opus was the Encyclopedia of Geography, a Description of the earth, physical, statistical, civil, and political (London, 1834), of which the purely geographical part was written by himself, Murray also contributed diretly to the press, and in the Edinburgh Cabinet Library there appeared compilations by him on the history or geography of the Southern Seas (1826), the Polar Seas (1830), British India (1832), China (1836), British America (1839), Africa (1830), The United States (1844). Murray was the time editor of the Scots Magazine, and was a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society of London.


James Wilson (1805-1860) was in Indian Civil Service as Financial Commissioner, Punjab, and a Member of the Council of the Lieutenant-Governor of the Punjab for making Laws and Regulations.


William Rhind (1797-1874) was the Scriptural geologist in the 19th Century.


Robert Kaye Greville (13 December 1794-4 June 1866) was Scottish mycologist, bryologist, and botanist. He was an accomplished artist and illustrator of natural history.


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