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Highlands of India (The) (In 2 Volumes)

Author : D.J.F. Newall
Year of Publication : 2021
ISBN : 9788172680336
Language : English
Binding : Hard Bound
No of Pages : 782
Size : 23 cms
Categories : Geography, Multi Volumes, Refrence works

Price : US$230.77


About the Book :

The Highlands of India in two volumes, consists of a series of papers written originally for the Journal of the United Service Institution of India. They were, however, found not to suit the requierments of a purely military journal. As a result, they were offered to the general public instead. First published between the year 1882-87 the two volumes together offer the reader a glimpse into the variegated highland landscapes of the Inian Peninsula: the Vale of Cashmere, the Pir Panjal Pass, the North West Frontier, Simla, Kasauli, Dugshai ; Himalayan watersheds, Kumaon and the Garhwal; Darjeeling and Sikkim; the Khasia hills; the Annamalays and the Nilgherries in the South along with Coorg, Wynad and Malabar; the Syhoodria (Sahyadris), the Vindhyas and the Satpoora ranges; the Aravellis; India Alba and Newera Ellia in Ceylon. Profusely illustrated with maps, figures, diagrams and sketches, the work offers a panoramic view of the entire peninsula. The theme of Volume I is avowedly Military Colonization as a Reserve for India, Major General New all points to the wisdom of locating british troops in the mountain ranges and the establishment of sanitaria and hill stations with a view to form sites for military or other colonies as reserve circles. Despite the fact that the author claims that he has no pretension to of or an exhaustive description of the Indian highlands, what emerges is, in fact, an excellent guide to these highlands, together with descriptive sketches of the surrounding country and historical notes on several tribes inhabiting these areas. Interspersed are geological and topographical notes and footnotes, British interest in the Indian high-lands was for the perpetuation of their rule in the peninsula. The strategic importance of these highlands which was the chief concern of the author has not diminished even today. The contents of Volume II are arranged in the same consecutive order as the first volume. Here, however, the author indulages in presenting sketches of the Highlands of India from a Picturesque point of view rather than restrict himself to a curt and bald exposition of their Military, Industrial and Sanitary aspects. As the title indicates, Volume II is a Dhronicle of Field Sports and Travel in India. Shooting trips and fishing expeditions, horseback rides and long mountaint treks, Major New all has embellished the book with innumerable anecdotes and descriptive sketches of the country and its inhabitants. Both volumes should be of absorbing interest equally to the military strategist and the lover of field sports and also to the lay reader whose heart is in the highlands. This reprint edition should be useful also to researchers in geography, geology, sociology and military studies.

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